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Elliot Stephens (Jude Law) used to be a highly bankable movie star, but after his last three movies bombed at the box office and his reputation as a drugged up playboy spread around the Hollywood circles, he can’t even get a minor role. Alec Wheaton (Robert Downey Jr.) was a bestselling author who hasn’t finished a book in nearly seven years and turned to alcohol for inspiration. After Elliot trashes a hotel suite in Vegas and Alec is arrested for DUI, they are both court ordered into the same rehab center. The two become unlikely friends and partners as they hatch a harebrained scheme to bust out before their court-mandated time is up. However, the slightly off-kilter world of the Sudden Valley Rehabilitation Center might just be what they need to get their lives back on track. Academy Award®-nominated director Jason Reitman directs this story about friendship and finding out it’s never too late to grow up. Speed of Life (2011)


... is this shit for real? O_o

2.1.11 20:49


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